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Raymundo Sesma. Iconoclasta


Example 2: Meditativo The video shows us a man playing the part of a schizophrenic. In the background, the minimalist musical backdrop by Philip Glass and the spoken commentary by the artist as he recites qualities such as goodness, generosity, solidarity. Here too there is a detectable sign of crisis, not a rash of violence but the repeated torment of an illness heightened by the relentless percussion of Glassís music. Meditative again presents a dynamic of counterposition, on the one hand, a litany of good inventions, an attempt to recover a long-lost dimension of utopia. What is Sesma proposing? Where are we to look for the importance of his work? First and foremost, art is negation- affirmation of being which, fatally, brings about the loss of speech; this piece is the disappropiation of its author; art is unceasing, endless, as inherent to the human condition as laughing, thinking, speaking (Eligio Calderon, in his presentation of Epiphaneia, 1995).



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