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Raymundo Sesma. Iconoclasta


Epiphaneia video, suono, giocattoli e un paio di scarpe Durata: tre minuti Milano, Italia, aprile 1994
Example 1: Epiphaneia

The installation Epiphaneia is a complex structure that hinges on a video projection (a tank in Tien-An-Men Square), sound (folk songs, the artists voice as it recite words by himself), and an arrangement of toys on the floor. Epiphaneia is no mere attempt at recording a social incident, fresh as our memories of this tragic event might be. Instead, it sets out to record the conscience of an era, to touch delicately on the components of an event, to reconstruct a feeling that goes beyond its standing as a mere item of news. The image of explicit violence is almost caught in a perpetual loop while the arrangement of toys has changed over the years with each place in which it has been exhibited (Neve Galerie, Graz, Austria - Art Focus Contemporary Art, Jerusalem, Israel - Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City - Waino Aaltonene Museum of Art, Turku, Finland). Indeed, children from the area where the installation is on show are called to complete it, as if to confirm the fact that art not only requires a public, but also cannot do without one, even at the construction stage. The popular French folks Alouette provides Epiphaneia with its soundtrack, the stark contrast lying between the gentle Alouette of the title and the child ready to carry out the cruelest acts against te plumerai le cou, et la tete, et le bec... With Epiphaneia, Sesma rebuilds a setting in accordance with his own principles: the place as a social context, the art work as a convergence of diverse dynamics.



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