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Raymundo Sesma. Iconoclasta


Citta Ideale, 1998 pigmenti naturali e resina su tela 100 x 150 cm.

Raymundo Sesma is an artist who has learned to live with such contrast; he works with both traditional and electronic means; his painting combines a taste for material with the precision of an engraving; many of his works bring together the past and the present; the artist lives between two continents; and, above all, Sesma, unlike many of his contemporaries, nurtures the ambition that art serves some purpose. Whatever the means used, Sesmaís art has always sought an answer to situations of trauma, not by resolving the conflict with the illusion of an aesthetic solution but by broadening the field of reference as much as possible. One commentator, Guiseppe Pontiggia, in Radici (Roots (1991)), on certain Sesma paintings, spoke in terms of ìan obscure, necessary intersection between an inorganic world made up washed-out walls, stones, earth, and vegetal world made of skeletal branches, inert roots, anatomized leaves.


Mysteria IV, 1998 pigmenti naturali e resina su tela 200 x 150 cm.

Iconoclasta I, 1999 pigmenti naturali e resina su tela 200 x 175 cm. Dittico



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