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Cinco Décadas de Cuento Mexicano. Antología. Perea, Pitman, Taylor, Tedeschi, Valenzuela

Claire Taylor (

Claire Taylor
Research Interests

Dr Claire Taylor's research interests include: Latin American women's writing, with a particular focus on the novels of Albaluc�a �ngel, Carmen Boullosa, Laura Esquivel, Griselda Gambaro and Ang�lica Gorodischer; Latin American cinema, with a particular interest in the films of Mar�a Luisa Bemberg; Latin American popular culture, with a particular interest in popular music and popular fiction; issues in postcolonial studies and Latin American cyberculture, with a particular interest in the works of Bel�n Gache, Eduardo Navas, Marta Patricia Ni�o, Guillermo G�mez Pe�a, Jaime Alejandro Rodr�guez and Marina Zerbarini. Dr Taylor was recently awarded a four-year Leverhulme Grant for the project Gender and Women's Writing in Colombia, on which she collaborated with researchers in the Universidad del Valle, Colombia. See the project's website for more details. She is also a Project Leader on Latin American Cyberculture and Cyberliterature, a collaborative project between Liverpool and the University of Leeds. As part of this project she has published a jointly-edited book on Latin American cyberliterature and is currently writing a joint-authored book on the discourses of Latin American cyberculture.

Teaching Interests

Dr Claire Taylor's teaching interests cover Spanish and Latin Amerian cinemas, Latino and Latin American cultures, Latin American cyberculture, and feminist theories. She also teaches advanced Spanish language, including translation, composition, and interpreting.


Claire Taylor (2003) Bodies and Texts: Configurations of Identity in the Works of Griselda Gambaro, Albaluc�a �ngel, and Laura Esquivel. Maney for the Modern Humanities Research Association, Leeds

Book Contributions

Taylor CL. (2010) "Paz Soldán en el contexto de la cibercultura latinoamericana". In: Fisbach, E ed(s).Tradition et modernité dans l’oeuvre d’Edmundo Paz Soldán. Angers, Presses Universitaires d’Angers.

Taylor CL. (2010) "García Márquez in Film and Other Media". In: Swanson, P (ed) ed(s). The Cambridge Companion to Gabriel García Márquez. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Taylor CL. (2010) "Laura Esquivel and the boom femenino: Popular Genres and Double Encoding". In: Finnegan N and Lavery J (eds) ed(s). The Boom Femenino in Mexico: Reading Contemporary Women’s Writing. Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Taylor CL. (2008) "Feminist Theory and Latin American Cultural Practice". In: Davies A, Kumaraswami P, and Williams, C ed(s). Making Waves Anniversary Volume: Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies. Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Taylor CL. (2007) "The Spanish and Portuguese Empires". In: McLeod, J ed(s). The Routledge Companion to Postcolonial Studies. London, Routledge.

Taylor CL. (2007) "Virtual Bodies in Cyberspace: Guzik Glantz's Weblog". In: Taylor CL and (Pitman T) ed(s).Latin American Cyberculture and Cyberliterature. Liverpool, Liverpool University Press.

Taylor CL. (2007) "Latin America". In: McCleod, J ed(s). The Routledge Companion to Postcolonial Studies. London, Routledge.

Taylor CL. (2006) "Saliéndose del asunto: la revisión del discurso histórico en Estaba la pájara pinta de Albalucía Ángel". In: Gilma Pinzón Olaya ed(s). III Encuentro de Escritoras Colombianas: Homenaje a Albalucía Ángel. Memorias. Bogotá, Consejería Presidencial para la Equidad de la Mujer.

Claire Taylor. (2005) "María Luisa Bemberg Winks at the Audience: Performativity and Citation in Camila and Yo, la peor de todas". In: Shaw, L and Dennison, S ed(s). Latin American Cinema: Essays on Modernity, Gender and National Identity. Jefferson, McFarland.

Books (Edited)

Taylor C. ed(s) (2009) Identity, Nation, Discourse: Latin American Women Writers and Artists. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle

Taylor CL and (Pitman T) (eds). ed(s) (2007) Latin American Cyberculture and Cyberliterature. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool

Journal Articles

Claire Taylor (2010) "De Macondo a Macon.doc: Ficción hipermedia hispanoamericana contemporánea".Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies

Taylor CL (2008) "Latin American Feminist Criticism: Helena Araújo’s La Scherezada criolla". Tesserae:Journal of Iberian And Latin American Studies vol 14 issue 2-3 pp 247-259

Taylor CL (2006) "Wandering Texts and Theories in Albalucia Angel's Las andariegas". Tesserae: Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies vol 12 issue 2-3 pp 247-259

Taylor CL (2006) "Geographical and corporeal transformations in Carmen Boullosa's Duerme". Bulletin of Hispanic Studies pp 225-239

Claire Taylor (2003) "Cities, codes and cyborgs in Carmen Boullosa's Cielos de la tierra". Bulletin of Spanish Studies vol 80 issue 4 pp 477-493

Claire Taylor (2002) "Body-Swapping and Genre-Crossing in Laura Esquivel's La ley del amor". Modern Language Review vol 97 issue 2 pp 324-335

Claire Taylor (2001) "Bodily mutilation and the dismemberment of discourse in the novels of Griselda Gambaro". Forum for Modern Language Studies vol 37 issue 3 pp 326-336

Research Awards: Principal Investigator

Border-crossings in the novels of Carmen Boullosa.

Gender and women's writing in Colombia.

Latin American Cybercultural Studies: Exploring New Paradigms and Analytical Approaches

Research Centres

• Research Institute of Latin American Studies (Member)

External Examination Appointments

University College Cork (National University of Ireland) (PhD) (2006)

University College Cork (National University of Ireland) (MPhil) (2007)

University College Dublin (PhD) (2007)

University of Edinburgh (PhD) (2007)

Universidad Carlos III, Madrid (PhD) (2009)

Editorial Roles

Publications of the Modern Language Association (Peer reviewer) (from 2007)

Mosaic: a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature (Peer reviewer) (from 2006)

Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (General Editor) (from 2005)

Film and Film Culture: The Irish Journal of International Film Studies (Advisory Board Member) (from 2005)

New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film (Co-Editor) (from 2003)

Professional Memberships

Arts and Humanities Research Council (Member of Peer review College)

Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland (treasurer)

Women in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin-American Studies (WISPS) (Member)

Personal Distinctions

Invitation to speak on Latin American cyberculture (by UNAM) (occasion: egndo Encuentro sobre Revistas Digitales) (Nov 2011)

Invitation to speak on Latin American Cyberculture (by University of Southampton) (occasion: Life Histories and Transnational Studies Seminar Series) (Dec 2010)

Invitation to speak on Latin American cyberculture (by King's College, London) (May 2010)

Invitation to speak on Latin American Cyberculture (by Cornell University) (Apr 2010)

Invitation to speak on Latin American Cyberculture (by Casa de América, Madrid) (occasion: Primer Encuentro Internacional de Revistas Digitales) (Sep 2008)

Latin America and Postcolonial Studies (by University of Westminster) (occasion: Postcolonial Conference ) (Mar 2008)

Latin American Cyberculture (by Liverpool John Moores University) (occasion: Seminar Series in Internet Research) (Jan 2008)
Fuente: University of Liverpool. School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies



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