Literatura en México

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Cinco Décadas de Cuento Mexicano. Antología. Perea, Pitman, Taylor, Tedeschi, Valenzuela

Babyface * (English version)

Luis Ignacio Helguera

Running in a crazy race, among the stones, away from the shoes...

―Let me see his baby face, dad!

―It doesn´t have a baby face, that´s just its name.

Using a branch, they turned the smashed mass with still agitating legs. And a radiant blow of light in the middle of the insect´s face revealed a new image to its executioner, in which he found himself as a kid making a whining gesture because he wanted to continue playing in the garden and he had been caught irrevocably. 

* Word game with the name in Spanish, cara de niño, of a poisonous insect similar to an ant but much bigger, that can be found in Mexico and other places of South America.**

Translated by Pablo Helguera

* * *



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* * *
Fuente: ** From the book El cara de niño y otros cuentos. México, Juan Pablos Editor/Ediciones sin Nombre, 1997. Colección Narrativa, Los Libros de la Oruga.



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