Literatura en México

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Cinco Décadas de Cuento Mexicano. Antología. Perea, Pitman, Taylor, Tedeschi, Valenzuela

Two Stories (English version)

Adolfo Castañón

Adolfo Castañón

1. The gospel of Juan Rulfo according to Julio Ortega

Once I arrived by night at a village. In the center there was a tree. When I found myself in the center of the plaza, I realized that that village, in appearance a ghost-town, was in reality inhabited. They surrounded me and kept coming closer until they tied me up to a tree and left. I spent the whole night there. Although I was somewhat puzzled, I was not frightened, because I didn¿t even have the heart for that. It got light and little by little the ones who had tied me up appeared. They cut me loose and they told me: "We tied you up because when you arrived we saw that you had lost your soul, that your soul was looking for you, and we tied you up so it could find you."

2. Shepherd. The shortest story

To Augusto Monterroso

Heralding the wolf anew, he howled.*

Translated by Persephone Braham

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América sintaxis (Fiction and nonfiction. Google Books)

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Fuente: * From the book La batalla perdurable (a veces prosa). México, CNCA/Ediciones del Equilibrista, 1996. Hora Actual.



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